Billy Morgan on the #RoadtoSochi

Billy Morgan is a well known face in Morzine having spent many winters homing his skills here before moving on to competing at an international level.  He is now one of the top snowboarders in the world and will be heading to Sochi in Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympics in February to compete in the slopestyle event.  We caught up with him a few weeks ago and asked him a few questions about Morzine and the run up to the Olympics.

Where in the world are you now and what are you up to?

I’m back in the motherland nursing some wounds.

How long have you been snowboarding & how did you get into it?

It’s been 10 years now since i first picked up a sled, I went skiing with school, then a friend convinced me to try snowboarding. I was then hooked & found myself doing seasons in Morzine.

When did you first get sponsored?

It was my 3rd season & I went to the British Championships (BRITS). I managed to get noticed and got hooked up by Westbeach.

Who are your current sponsors?

I’m now riding for Quiksilver, Redbull, Ride Snowboards, Routeone & Sterling Socks.

What’s the best bit about being a pro-snowboarder?

Meeting awesome people, I’ve been to so many places and had the pleasure to hang out with some really epic people that I will never forget.

Where are your favourite spots to snowboard in the world?

The good times I had in Morzine/Avoriaz are hard to beat for sure but now I’m a proper parkie I really like riding the jumps in Breckenridge; they’re always big and perfect.

How much time have you spent in Morzine?

I did 3 full seasons and a week here and there after that.

What keeps you coming back to Morzine?  

It’s always good to head back and get back and see people and ride familiar terrain. I feel like I can just chill when I’m back there.

What was your highlight of winter 12/13?

Theres been so many good bits but would have to be landing the BS Triple or getting on the podium at the Sierra Nevada World Cup.


                                           Billy winning the Freeze International Comp last year.


What have you got going on for the rest of this year?

It’s all about getting fit and ready for the Olympics really. I’ve taken an injury to the knee so im just hoping i can get fit and well for Sochi.

What does it mean to be part of the GB Freestyle Snowboard Team? What does it involve?

It’s been awesome, basically having a big crew of skiers and riders all going to the same places hanging out and shredding. We all have goals and help each other to get to them.

Are you excited for Sochi Olympics 2014?

Yeah for sure, as things get closer there’s more and more hype about it. It’s going to be epic, having this injury has just made me want to go more.

How have the qualifying events been?

They have been good and bad really. Unfortunately the weather has been a bit crap but for me it has kind of worked out, I could just ride and put a run down which put me in some pretty good positions.

When you are not snowboarding, what do you like to do?

I like staying as active as possible when im not in the mountains so skating, table tennis, cycling, try and find a MX bike somewhere, stay fit. But if im down off the hill I’ll just want to chill and watch a series.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start snowboarding?

Do it, get down to the nearest ski centre or mountain and get going, once you start you’ll be hooked. And once you get passed the entail bum bruising its so much fun!

The BBC recently interviewed  Billy too!

Stay up to date with Billy on:

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