Martha Perry Massage Therapy: The importance of Massage for recovery

Massage isn’t only an amazing relaxation tool but it is also invaluable for recovery at the end of a big day on the slopes.

Martha Perry Massage Therapy is one of our favourite massage providers here in Morzine and we’re thrilled she has written a blog for us to help all our lovely guests understand the importance of recovery and how massage can play an important role in that…

How Massage can enhance your performance on the Morzine slopes

Whether it’s your first time to Morzine or you are a returning Treeline client, Morzine and Avoriaz always offer so much for your break away in the mountains. The Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets ski slopes are such a fun playground. Feeling strong, fit and healthy are the key ingredients to a successful ski trip, full of progression. However, whatever your level, the aches and pains of skiing can take their toll. There’s nothing more frustrating on holiday than a niggle or ache that holds you back. Luckily for you, with Treeline Chalets you can get an in-house massage with Martha Perry Massage Therapy, the ultimate answer to recovery!

Having goals for your winter holiday is such a great way to really progress your skiing or snowboarding during your trip. If there is a slope or a trick you are desperate to tackle before the end of your week, then an après ski massage will help you achieve this. There are many benefits of massage, both physical and mental. But I’ll explain here why having a massage during your ski holiday will really enhance your performance.

“Martha gave me a sports massage during an intense training week when my legs were very painful & tired… I felt rejuvenated, my pain had gone away & I could go back to training at the same intensity as before.” Sarah Hoefflin – Swiss Freeskier, Olympic Gold Medalist & World Champion.

How can massage enhance my performance?

ONE – Reduce Muscle Soreness & Tension. Massage is the best way to reduce any aches and pains within the muscle and release tight areas. If your legs are tight and your muscles sore your technique on the slopes will slip. Without the strength from good, healthy muscles, you’ll find it much harder work to achieve the movements you need, to get to those goals. Muscle fatigue is always particularly noticeable at the end of the day when legs are tired and turns feel much heavier.

TWO – Faster Recovery. By encouraging recovery, massage will help you get back on the slopes ASAP after a minor strain. If you leave something small and push through the pain, it can result in a much bigger problem down the line. It’s always best to have a massage and correct the problem so you can get the most out of your ski time.

THREE – Increased ROM. Massage helps increase your Range Of Motion by softening the muscles. This plays a huge part towards better joint movement and increased flexibility. With more supple muscles you can ski harder and with a better technique.

FOUR – Encourages Circulation. Massage moves fresh oxygenated blood around the body, this is really important when you’re in the mountains in minus temperatures and snow! Good circulation keeps you warm and your muscles healthy.

FIVE – Relaxation. Massage is one of the most powerful treatments for achieving relaxation. Reducing stress and calming anxiety are just two of the mental benefits of massage. We all have moments now and then on the slopes where something catches us off guard, for example ice or exposure. If this is something you have suffered with during your ski week, don’t let it put you off!! Massage can really help to calm and soothe the mind leaving you truly relaxed and ready to ski again during your holiday.

Even if you are not on the slopes during your holiday, massage can also help you! At Treeline, you can benefit from all the treatments offered by Martha Perry Massage Therapy in the comfort of your accommodation. To book your massage during your Treeline holiday or to get more information please contact us or Martha Perry Massage Therapy direct.

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