NUDDSY tells us why he loves Morzine

Andy Nudds is one of the UK’s top riders and a bit of a legend on the British snowboard scene. He hails from the Halifax dry slope and is now pushing it in Europe. He stayed with Treeline for a few days at the start of the season before his busy winter travels began and recently he managed to answer a few questions for us. Here he tells us why he just keeps coming back to the Portes du Soliel

Where in the world are you now and what are you up to? I’m in Helsinki, Finland at the moment filming street for this years Grindhouse Film.

How long have you been snowboarding? About 10 years

How did you get into it? Unfortunately I started off skiing. I went on a school skiing trip and we had a taster session at my local dry slope in Halifax. I saw everyone snowboarding up there and it looked a lot more fun so went up there a few days later and gave it a try.

How many winters have you spent in Morzine? I’ve done 3 and a half seasons there now.

What keeps you coming back to Morzine? It’s got everything; powder, park, pipe, cliffs, tree runs etc. it’s also great for when your not on the hill, always something to do.

Where are your favourite spots in the Portes du Soliel to ride? I always spend a lot if time in the stash when I’m out there. It’s so good and you can ride it in any weather. Also the Chappelle park is always fun for mellow park days and Lindarets is sick too. Great run for shredding with friends, lots of small hits.


What was your highlight of 2012? Probably the Nike Chosen Sessions. Was such a good opportunity to ride that park. It was unbelievable. And great to meet all the guys I’ve grown up watching their video parts.

What have you got going on in 2013? Mostly filming my video part for this years Grindhouse film and a few contests here and there. Just got back from a contest in China which was sick! And hopefully spend more time in Morzine this year as I miss that place.

When did you first get sponsored and what is it like being a sponsored rider?  I first got hooked with Endeavor about 8 years ago then picked up Westbeach about a year later. Really fortunate to be sponsored as it gives you loads of opportunities to travel and snowboard all over the world and always have the product and equipment you need.

What advice would you give to someone trying to make a career from snowboarding? Don’t take it seriously, have fun and enjoy it and the rest will come. The thing you need to do mostly is get your name out their by making edits and riding contests.

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