Stay active this summer in Morzine

Summer has hit Morzine with the town looking very active and bronzed. With so many outdoor activities to choose from here, it’s an amazing place to be in the summer and a great place to get fit & healthy. With average summer temperatures in the mid twenties, Morzine is an ideal climate for exercising.  It’s the perfect time & the perfect place to keep your winter fitness up over the summer months.

Incorporating several different forms of exercise can be an excellent way to develop the various components of fitness. With the enhanced muscle tone & cardio strength through stimulating the body with multiple activities, cross training is always a reliable form of exercising. This way you can create an all over fitness. And remember, exercise not only makes you physically fit but also boosts brain power & gives you energy and can also alleviate stress and it makes you feel great!


We have put together 5 cross training activities easily accessible in Morzine to help you stay fit and healthy during the summer so you are strong and ready for the winter season.


Morzine is the centre of Europe’s downhill mountain bike scene with the whole of the Portes du Soliel lift system open for bikers with hundreds of graded tracks. Biking offers you great training in cardio-vascular and muscular endurance with constant mind stimulation. But if downhill isn’t for you then jump on the road bike and conquer the multiple Alpine cols with multiple Tour de France cols on your door-step. The Haute Savoie is one of the significant mountain pass areas the Tour de France has returned to year after year so here is your opportunity to rise to the challenge.


Yoga is fast becoming recognised in the world of extreme sports as a rejuvenating way to improve strength, balance, stamina and flexibility throughout the entire body, focus your mind and improve your concentration. It’s also an amazing counter activity to most sports as it can reduce and ease  muscle aches, release tension and remove imbalances in the body. It’s good for the mind too with a strong focus on breathing which leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. We at Treeline love yoga and run our Mountain Air Yoga Holiday every summer open to all levels of yoga. With 2 x daily yoga sessions along with yoga coaching, it’s a fab week to chill out, eat healthy and get strong & flexible.  Click here for more information.


With an Olympic size 50m outdoor swimming pool in the centre of Morzine and Lake Montriond nearby, swimming offers a great way to keep fit this summer as well as a refreshing way to cool down. The benefits of this low impact sport includes increased muscle tone and strength and a healthier heart. It’s also low cost  – Lake Montriond is free & you burn more calories in cooler water! Water is also very soothing & relaxing for most people so swimming is a great way to leave the stresses of the day behind you.


Take advantage of Morzine’s stunning location in the French Alps with hikes for all abilities on your doorstep. You can choose to enjoy a chairlift up and access hikes for all levels from all over the Portes du Soliel or begin in and around Morzine. Some of our top picks are Roc D’Enfer, Nantaux or grasp the spectacular views across to Mont Blanc from the conveniently located Ressachaux hike which begins in town.


It’s free and super good for you! A fantastic full body work out, including cardio-vascular and muscular endurance with the added bonus of the endorphin release effect. Unwind and relax the natural way and keep your body in shape. It’s a massive fat burner and great heart worker. With endless running routes to choose from including river runs, lake jogs, flat terrain or more challenging gradients easily accessible in Morzine that allow you to take in some spectacular scenery on your way!


Summer is the perfect time for BBQ’s, lots of fresh seasonal produce & chilling out with your friends after a busy winter so along with staying active & exercising, let’s not forget to relax & eat healthy this summer too. Lots of vegetables and lean meat and not too much alcohol will mean your body will be healthy on the inside as well as the outside 🙂 And don’t forget, exercising allows you to eat more so enjoy!

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