What are you up to this weekend?

Ever wonder what the UK’s top snowboarders get up to on their weekends? We caught up with the mega talented & mega busy Treeline Riders to find out what they are doing this weekend…from Morzine to LA! How does it compare to yours?

Dom Harington – leaving Morzine for a weekend in the UK

“This weekend I am flying back to Animal HQ in Poole in the UK. Every year the team riders have to model the clothes for the online store so we head to a studio to get the shots for that. It is usually quite a fun day as I get to hang out with the team riders from other sports such as surfing or mountain biking so it’s a good chance to catch up and see how each other’s seasons are going. I have to fly on the Saturday so I will make sure I have a good day shredding here in Morzine on the Friday before I go over as although it is fun to go back to the UK, it’s a shame to miss out on any quality riding days in February!”


Andy Nudds – filming with the Grindhouse crew in Finland

“This weekend I’ll be filming for the new Grindhouse film in Lahti, Finland. It an hour north of Helsinki. Here with Jamie Durham, Johny Pickup, and the two new Finnish dudes who are joining us this year, Janne Lipsanen and Antti Jusila. Just gonna be driving around looking for things to snowboard in really. Mostly at night and early morning with floodlights so that we don’t get kicked out of places.”

Stay up to date with the latest Grindhouse filming over at grindhousesnowboard.com


Billy Morgan – competing in Air + Style in Los Angeles

This season Air + Style went world wide with events in Beijing, Innsbruck and for the first time ever in Los Angeles. This weekend sees the final stage of this contest in LA with all the world’s top riders competing in the big air event. Make sure you tune in on Saturday night to watch Billy stomp it!

Practice starts at 7.15pm UK time with Round 1 commencing at 9.15pm in the UK. For full schedule, click here.


Jamie Trinder – shredding in Mayrhofen, Austria

“This weekend I’ll be shredding Penken Park, riding in the Valley Rally contest which will be good fun. The GB Juniors arrive here in Mayrhofen this weekend too so I’m looking forward to lapping the park with the GB juniors when they arrive too!”

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Bon weekend!

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