#winterready – The benefits of Pilates for Skiing

Georgie from Studio Pilates Morzine explains how can Pilates get you ready for the Winter!

There are many benefits that having a regular Pilates practice can give you, especially for snow sports. Pilates focuses on strength, stretch, breath and improving posture to have better balance and control (all of which are needed to be good at snow sports). By working on your balance, posture and specific movement patterns in a controlled environment, you are able to solidify the technique needed when on the slopes in a more uncontrolled environment. 

Pilates is also essential for preventing injury, offering you more knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses, building strength and stamina where you need it the most. On the flip side, Pilates is also a fantastic tool for rehabilitation, regaining mobility and strength carefully after an injury without necessarily weight baring and putting strain through the muscles and joints. 

In my opinion the benefits are endless!

Within the Pilates method we are always bringing the work back to the ‘powerhouse’ (the trunk) to create as much strength, stability and economical movement as possible.  By doing this, we are able to resist our own body weight and work against gravity, which is constantly pushing us down. 

Pilates specifically works on building strength around the stretch in unison. It is very important to build up strength and stamina in your muscles and joints to create long term mobility and flexibility, otherwise that lovely stretched out feeling goes as quickly as it arrives. 

How often do you suggest doing Pilates?

Joseph Pilates advised to do Pilates 4 times a week to really feel and see the benefits. That is a big commitment, so if you are able to fit 1 -2 times into your week, then you will still feel huge benefits, but it might just be a slower progress. Like with any skill – the more you do it, the more you get out of it!


How do the benefits of Pilates help with skiing?


There are so many benefits for snow sports and a lot of the Pilates fundamentals are actually very similar for snow sports as well. Your balance is improved by having a strong centre so you can focus on your weight being slightly forward, over the arches of your feet to have a strong and steady stance. With a good Pilates practice, your body and joints are stronger and have better mobility, which is essential for keeping your legs flexed and strong while sliding so that you can absorb the terrain better. When you inevitably fall, or twist in an unexpected way, you are prepared and equipped to be able to react and recover better! 


Did you know that so many people literally forget to breathe when they are concentrating? (Or perhaps in a state of fear on that black run you’ve been forced to head down!)

The pilates breathing technique gives you the tools to be able to release tension and channel strength and energy where it needs to be (in the brain too!) to help you connect better with your body, and fuel it with the oxygen it needs!

Strength and Stretch

I mentioned before that Pilates is a combination of strength and stretch – both absolutely vital to getting winter ready and feeling in top condition to hit the slopes!

Pilates keeps your whole body strong and mobile and if you practice all year round – you are ready to get back on the slopes at any time! 

Photo by George Treble

I am currently running online group and private sessions and once Covid-19 allows, I will be continuing teaching classes to your chalet and will be opening my new beautiful fully equipped Pilates Studio! I look forward to seeing you this winter either online or in our beautiful mountain ski town! 

Studio Pilates Morzine, Hive, 14 Route d’Avoriaz, Morzine, 74110

For more information and booking enquiries:

visit my website: www.studiopilatesmorzine.com or email me at: [email protected]

Feature image by Sadie Aldridge / Studio image by Polly at Story Crafters

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