What to pack on a winter holiday?

If you’re planning your first ski/snowboard holiday or if you just haven’t been for a while, packing can be a bit of a minefield, so we’ve compiled a handy list of things to remember when preparing for a holiday on the slopes!

Mountain outfit suitable for the weather

The obvious, you need a jacket and trousers, but depending on what time of year you’re coming out (and whether you run hot or cold) you might want a fully padded outfit, or  a lighter shell – something more akin to a waterproof. April is warmer than January so pack appropriately!

Thermals or t-shirts

To thermal or not to thermal that is the question! And of course, it’s totally dependent on you and the weather, but be prepared and don’t get caught out. We’d advise you bring 3-4 sports tops or t-shirts, 3 thermal tops, and a couple of bottoms (full leg or capri depending on your flavour) that way you can layer up and be prepared whatever the weather.

Sensible Shoes...

…as my mother would say! But she was right, there’s nothing more important than sensible shoes when you’re in a ski resort. Check the weather ahead of your trip and pack some warm boots or shoes with a good tread on them if temperatures are looking low. The town can get icy over night, so if you’re a little clumsy consider investing in some yak-trax too, they go over your shoes and will keep you steady no matter what!

Socks, all the socks.

You’ll need normal socks and ski socks so you can still fit your feet in your casual (read:sensible) shoes. In terms of how many ski socks, everyone says something different. At a minimum we would say 3 pairs, that way you have one pair for two days. But if you have 6 pairs of ski socks, bring 6 pairs of ski socks, it’s always nice to put on a fresh pair!

The Glad Rags

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the bars in your full winter set up – it’s all part of the Apres Ski adventure – but sometimes it’s nice to dance on the bar in normal shoes! Morzine has great night life, with a big selection of pubs, restaurants, live music and cocktail bars to enjoy. Ask your chalet host or the office team for their favourite recommendations, and a list of what’s on when you’re here.

Remember all your documents

This one is more complex now than ever before but it’s very manageable as long as you’re prepared. As the travel landscape is changing fairly often at the moment it’s important to check what rules are in place before you travel. Don’t just trust Jimmy from next door who went away two months ago. You don’t want to get to the airport and find you haven’t got the right stuff, and the UK government website is the best place to start.

The small stuff

And then there are the accessories:

  • Gloves – and liner gloves if in the colder months.
  • SPF – the sun is strong when reflecting off the snow so make sure you pack something for your face and lips. Don’t go lower than SPF30.
  • Sunglasses and goggles –  goggles are great, but when you stop for a vin chaud, you’ll want your sunglasses so pack both.
  • Snood – or similar neck cover. Just don’t bring a scarf for the slopes, you’d hate it to unravel while on the move.
  • Water bottle and snacks – Staying hydrated is important. Chairlifts are the perfect place to refuel with a little snack and a drink of a water.
  • Small backpack – to keep all of the above in when you’re on the mountain.

Think we’ve missed something or still have questions? Send us a message, we love to chat all things winter, even what you should and shouldn’t pack!

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