WHITENOIZE interview

UK online ski and snowboard magazine WhiteNoize recently contacted Treeline for an interview. So here’s an inside look into the story of Treeline by Amy & Dunc in their own words. This is what WhiteNoize Magazine wanted to know…

What made you decide running a chalet was what you should be doing?
Well, we had been doing seasons since Uni, in Morzine and NZ. I suppose
we were ready to do something, It was a natural progression, I have always
cheffed and worked in kitchens and generally love cooking and food, and Amy
has always worked front of house managing bars and restaurants, between
us probably had over 20 years hospitality experience. So yeah I guess it was
what we knew most about and thought that we would be good at it!

Tell us why you chose Morzine?
Well again we chose Morzine in that we both did seasons there after Uni (and
met there) and its just a really cool place with a nice relaxed vibe to live all
year round, and then of course you have the terrain, the parks are the best
you get in France and loads of easily accessible back country.

How did you set about finding your first chalet?
Just being in the right place at the right time, it was in 2009 when the
recession hit hard so there were a few about.

You now have seven chalets under your belt, how did you manage that?
Lots of hard work! We have just been really enjoying it and keep getting
opportunities so keep expanding, we are also lucky enough to have amazing
people work with us, which is the only reason we can keep growing.

Tell us about Treeline, what sets you apart from the rest?
I think the fact that we are snowboarders who love snowboarding and doing
what we are doing, without sounding too cheesy, I think we do actually care
that you have an amazing time on holiday, so I suppose if its one thing its our

How has Treeline progressed since your first season?
Well, in our first season it was just Amy and I doing everything, so you didn’t
have to worry about anything apart form yourself and getting it done, this year
we will have 9 members of staff and us so it kinda changes how you work and
have to rely on others. We just want to make sure the peeps staying at our
chalets have just as good a time as they would if we were still running them.
We are still massively hands on and will be in all of the chalets helping in
every area.

Whats the thing you love most about your job?
Getting up at stupid o’clock every morning, accounts, invoicing, clearing
snow off the vans with no gloves, putting chains on with no gloves, driving
to Geneva and back 6 times at the weekend, washing pots and ehhh the

Future plans for Treeline?
We are just taking it as it comes, and growing at a pace we can handle. Get
some more chalets, maybe go to another resort, just keep doing what we are
doing make sure the same level of service is kept.

You guys are very involved in the UK scene, sponsoring some of our very
best riders and competitions – what do you find so special about the UK
The UK scene is cool and we are lucky enough to have lots of friends who are
involved with it and are extremely talented snowboarders. I think its important
to sponsor competitions and give a little back to the scene. Lots of people are
under this impression that UK snowboarders get paid loads of money, reality
is most of them are just trying to make what they can so they can continue to
doing what they love.


See the WhiteNoize article here…and start following the fab magazine to keep up to date with all the goings on in the UK snow scene. The magazine always features highlights from the best UK events, rider profiles, news and photography. In WhiteNoize’s own words “The aim is for the magazine to be for riders, by riders meaning we want the mag to be made up of contributions from our readers and lovers of the sport, whether it’s writing articles, reviewing events and resorts or sending in photography, we want it to be a platform for growing UK talent. So get involved!”.

Check it out at www.whitenoizemag.co.uk.

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