Winter Yoga at Treeline

Fancy getting flexy and better at bending this winter…Well there’s going to be heaps of yoga going on at the Treeline Chalets in Morzine this winter! With several of this winters team being fully qualified, certified and insured Yoga Instructors and fresh back from studying the ancient art in India, you can come and experience a yoga session during your stay with us.

Yoga is fast becoming recognised in the world of extreme sports for it’s brilliant ability to improve strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. It is an amazing counter activity to snowsports with endless postures that target areas heavily used by skiers and snowboarder such as the knees, quads, shoulders, wrists, ankles and gluts. It can also help reduce and ease muscle aches and pains and release any tension from your ski legs whilst replenishing and rejuvenating the body and mind so your energised and ready for the next day – allowing you to get the most out of your week here in Morzine.

Yoga’s all about building core strength, lengthening the hamstrings, strengthening your back & increasing your focus – all of which dramatically help your skiing and snowboarding. It’s a great way to warm up and cool down the body before and after your day on the hill and works with developing balance, concentration, breathing techniques (learn to increase your lung capacity – ideal for that sudden altitude change) and getting to know your limits. Not to mention lots of poses that focus on spinal twists and increasing the range of motion in joints – perfect for enhancing your spins! Yoga also helps to lengthen out the shortened, contracted muscles and remove any imbalances that might be arising from your week in the mountains whilst building stamina across the whole body. But yoga isn’t just physical, it also about engaging the mind to bring awareness to the whole body, aiming to create a clarity of mind. This is a refreshing wind down after a full-on day on the mountain and also gives you skills to take to the hill, transferring that mental focus into your riding.

So whether you’re an experienced yogi or you can’t touch your toes, it’s a great form of exercise to try whilst on your winter holiday – you’re body will love you for it! There will be weekly drop-in classes and 1 to 1 yoga sessions available during the winter. Get in touch for more details or find out more when you get here. And stay tuned to our Treeline Chalets blogs for some pre-winter yoga postures to get you ready to ride!


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