Fantasticable Chatel

We tried the Chatel Fantasticable at the weekend & we’d highly recommend it as one of your activities when in Morzine this summer. It’s a one of a kind experience in the Alps & a great activity for adults & kids.

The Fantasticable is a zip wire or flying fox but on a bit of an extreme scale. Rather than sitting down you lie down & fly through the air head first in an almost ‘superman position’, travelling along 2523 metres of cable at almost 100km/h. Comfortably positioned in a harness, you fly from one end to the other over the village of Plaine Dranse at a height of more than 200 metres. It’s a unique way to take in the mountain views across the valley!


Located on the border of Morzine-Avoriaz & Chatel at the top of the Rochassons lift,  it can be accessed by taking the Chaux Fleurie chair lift in the Les Lindarets section of Avoriaz.  From Morzine, you can either drive to Les Lindarets from Morzine via Lake Montriond & hop on the Chaux Fleurie chair using your multi pass or you can get good value from your multi pass & use the chairlifts to access Lindarets (to then hop on Chaux Fleurie) all the way from Prodains or Super Morzine.

At the top of Chaux Fleurie, walk over to the top of the Rochassons chair where you will see the ticket office. At the ticket office you will be fitted into a special body harness, helmet (with hairnet!) & goggles. All safety equipment is provided & you can choose to ‘fly’ as a single or go tandem with a friend. Then you walk over to the top of the cable where you will be given instructions. You will then be attached to the first cable at a starting altitude of 1828m.  The wire stretches 1,323m over the valley of Plaine Dranse.  Once let go you will fly at speed (maximum 100km/h) across to the other side of the valley.  As you come to the end of the cable you will be met by a member of staff.  This is the scariest part, when you are flying into the finish station super fast & not sure how you will stop but fear not,  there is a huge spring system to catch you.

The staff will then direct you to the second cable which is similar to the first one but this time you know what to expect so can really enjoy it! This one takes you back to the other side of the valley finishing at an altitude of 1712m.  You then walk down the road to the village of Plaine Dranse (great spot for a morning coffee of afternoon beer).

A flight on the Fantasticable costs €36 and all Mulit Pass holders receive a 20% discount which reduces the price to around €28.

It’s open every day from Friday 27th June – Sunday 7th September from 10am to 4.45pm. Opening is subject to weather conditions. We recommend getting there early  to avoid any queues.

You can find out more info on the official website –

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